3 ways termites can ruin your home

Have you recently noticed that wood is coming off your chair as if someone is chewing it? Then you can be sure that there are termites in your home. Termites eat wood very fast. They destroy your furniture and other structures within a very little time. They make tunnels inside the wood and grow their colonies. Termite infestation can make your home unsafe. Here are the types of damages you must be aware of.

Damage to structural property

Homes that are made of wood can get damaged by termites. However, when the home is constructed with other materials, then also you can expect termite infestation. They start feeding on the floors, cabinets, wooden furniture, etc.

Drywood damage

You can see the damages inside furniture or walls. Once the surface of the furniture or walls cracks, you will notice the tunnel formed by the termites.

Subterranean damage

These damages can be seen underground, in damp soil. These interior damages are not apparent unless the termite colony builds up. You will notice swollen floor or ceilings. These look similar to water damage. You will get a smell similar to mold or mildew.

If the house has too much moisture, then there is a high chance of termite infestation. Homes made with wood paneling can also invite termites. The destruction termites cause to the structures and furniture of the house can be devastating. You may need lots of money to repair them. It can also lower the value of your property if you are thinking about selling it. If you notice any presence of termites in your house, it is better to call a pest control professional for an inspection. They will tell you how to get rid of it.

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