5 ways you can get rid of bedbugs

Bedbugs can be a nightmare. They crawl between mattresses and can stay there while you sleep. Bedbugs are small oval-shaped insects with a brownish color. They feed on the blood of human or animals and as they do they swell up and their color changes to a reddish color. The female bedbug can lay lots of eggs and increase their population. It is possible to get rid of them totally. Here are some tips for you.

Cleaning thoroughly

You will find bedbugs in curtains, clothes, shoes, bedding, etc. You should clean these items frequently. You should scrub your mattress to get rid of the bedbugs. You can have a mattress cover to protect your mattress from bedbugs. You should keep your bed clean by vacuuming up.

Steam clean

You can steam clean your floor, bed and other areas where there might be bedbugs. The bedbugs will be killed because of the heat. It not only kills the adult bedbugs but the eggs too.

Isopropyl alcohol

It is very efficient in killing bedbugs. The bedbug cells will dissolve in it; they might dry out also. You should put some alcohol in the spray bottle and spray it in places like mattress, curtains, or bedding.

Tea tree oil

The tea tree oil has a pungent smell that repels the bedbugs. Use a spray bottle and add 20 drops of tea tree oil. Fill up the bottle with water.

Bedbug traps and pesticides

You will find various bedbug traps in the market like glue traps, CO2 trap, etc. These traps are not always effective. You can buy bedbug pesticides too.

You should seal all kinds of cracks in your house so that the bedbugs can’t hide. That way, you will be able to kill them easily. If all your attempts fail then call a pest control professional.

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